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Fairweather Mountains
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Icebergs in Glacier Bay
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that you can BOOK an ALASKAN CRUISE from this website?

It's true...
Find an Alaskan Dream Tour!
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Come see the Whales with us!
See and hear the amazing humpback whales of Icy Straits onboard the MV/ Taz!
(Cross Sound Express)

An unforgettable experience...

for details & reservations.

Orcas (generically known as "Killer Whales"), frequent Icy Straits and surrounding Glacier Bay waters.
Click to learn more about Orcas!


Want to go fishing? Kayaking? Whale watching?
Let us show you the best of Gustavus!
Blue Heron Tours helps you experience the best of Gustavus and Glacier bay.

We arrange all kinds of activities in the area and love to help our clients make the most of their stay.


Brown Bears are sometimes seen walking along the Glacier  Bay coastline.
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Glacier Bay Boat Tours & Charters

Get up Bay!
There are different style boats you can get "up bay" in...

Due to its vast size and remote nature, one of the best ways of seeing Glacier Bay National Park or Icy Straits in Alaska is from the decks of a boat.

In fact, for the average visitor wanting to explore Glacier Bay, chances are it's waterways and coastlines are the only part of the park they will experience.

There are three general categories of watercraft that specialize in letting one experience the sights and sounds of Glacier Bay park and Icy Straits: Public touring/ access vessels, Private Charters, and the Major Alaskan Cruiselines.

From the decks of these boat charters and touring companies, you can get "deep" into Glacier bay or see parts of Icy Straits with little or no effort. (It would take a hiker several days of serious backcountry trekking to get to the places you can so effortlessly access via water.)See Eagles!  Although the majority of the park is actually comprised of mountains, glaciers, and land wilderness area, Glacier Bay is probably more well known as a Marine sanctuary than anything else.

Magnificent glaciers
like the Grand Pacific, Johns Hopkins, Lamplugh, and Muir await you. (Icy Straits, the body of water at the mouth of the bay, and the access way to Gustavus, is also one of Alaska's richest marine environments.)

In these places, one will encounter icebergs, wildlife, and majestic country unrivaled by any other park or wild place on earth. Humpback whales, Orcas (Killer whales), seals, sealions, sea otters, porpoises and numerous species of sea birds are just some of the varied marine creatures you can witness. The diversity of life is astounding wherever you look.

Sea Lions!In addition to the marine creatures, other commonly seen animals are mammals such as brown and black bears, moose, and porcupines. If you are timely, you may even get to glimpse some of the more elusive mammals of the park such as land otters, lynx, wolf, foxes, wolverines and other amazing animals. Bald eagles are everywhere and Golden eagles are spotted with some regularity.

You'll want to keep your camera loaded with film and ready for action! (For more details and facts on the wildlife of Glacier Bay, visit our "Glacier Bay" page.)

To experience the natural marine wonder of Glacier bay National Park and Icy Straits in Alaska, you need only to decide on your means of doing so...

Private Charters

Charter boat trips into Glacier Bay are primarily customized for the individuals on board. Some companies charter the whole boat at a time, while others are willing to mix groups. A charter boat can usually adjust their schedule as the day presents itself and can cover more territory and bring you to more remote places, off the beaten path.
Fascinating features...
If the operators are locals and been in business a long time, they probably know some secret spots to share only with guests! Some boats carry kayaks and fishing poles, some include shore hikes and nature studies, some include a lot of activities, others include none, so figure out what is most important to you and check around!

Gustavus.com notes:
1) Due to favorable seasonal weather conditions, most of the companies listed or linked on this page generally run their tours between the months of April 15th to November 15th.

2) Not ALL charter boats actually have permits to go into the National Park year round, so read the fine print of their websites and ask questions.

First Out, Last In Yacht Adventures!First Out, Last In Yacht Adventures

P.O. Box 332 - Haines, Alaska 99827
(907) 766-2854, or Toll Free: 1 (877) 881-2854
E-mail & Reservations

Private Alaska Live-aboard Yacht Charters for 2-6 people; Special concessioner's permit for entry into Glacier Bay National Park; Yacht trips of 4-7 days include Glacier Bay, Excursion Inlet, Elfin Cove, Pelican, Hoonah, Juneau, and Gustavus.

Private charters are customized to your group including glacier viewing, wildlife viewing, whale watching, salmon & halibut fishing, crabbing, zodiac treks, kayaking, hiking. All inclusive trips feature three staterooms, hot meals, snacks, beverages, fish cleaning, vacuum packing, freezing and boxing of your catch, bait and gear, USCG licensed captain and 1st Aid & CPR captain and crew, 4-star USCG safety vessel 45' Legend, genuine Alaskan hospitality from a born-and-raised Alaskan.

Avoid the crowds- Cruise the Inside Passage- Enjoy Alaska at her best... See our WEBSITE for more detailed information.

The "Taz"- (Cross Sound Express)

Adventure, Whales, more!Based out of Gustavus, Alaska, serving the communities of Juneau, Hoonah, Elfin Cove, and Pelican
Fax (907) 766-2728, Cell (907) 321-2302
Toll Free number: 888-698-2726
E-mail & Reservations

The TAZ is a US Coast Guard certified 47', 23-passenger excursion vessel. Cross Sound Express offers custom tours and charters along with their daily whale watch tours.

The M/V TAZ is an ideal vessel for whale watching, wildlife viewing and photography expeditions. Great viewing from both inside and outside on deck. Very stable, large windows, comfortable heated interior, and enclosed restroom.

Cross Sound Express is an authorized National Park Service Charter Vessel Concessionaire in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. We are permitted to enter Glacier Bay all year!

The Snow GooseCome see the Snow Goose!

P.O. Box 1468 - Bellingham, Washington 98225
(360) 393-6657
E-mail & Reservations

The Snow Goose is different... Obviously different from the enormous Cruise Ships that ply these waters every summer, but we’re different from the smaller ships as well. For us, it’s not only about simply seeing the landscape; it’s about exploring the details hidden within and finding the unexpected. It’s about getting back to the basics, and finding your bearings again – a reset button for the soul.

We take pride in realizing the entirety of our surroundings and embracing it with open arms. Check out our site to learn more.

Fairweather Adventures

Check out our website for all the details...P.O. Box 148 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
Phone: (907) 697-2334 (May- August),
(907) 723-3065 (September- May)
E-Mail & Reservations

Fairweather Adventures at Glacier Bay is an authorized concessioner of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. As such, we are able to offer small boat, private adventure cruises into Glacier Bay. Our Coast Guard licensed skippers have a wealth of local knowledge and provide a complete naturalist narration of your Glacier Bay adventure.

The boats we use are safety equipped 26 foot cabin cruisers and are certified to carry up to six persons, although we usually limit the number to four unless the passengers are a family group. Each boat has a cozy, heated cabin, including a private head, and a large back deck. They are very nice platforms for an intimate, up close, and personal view of the glaciers, icebergs, and wildlife in any kind of weather.

Our 3 day Glacier Bay Adventures cruise both arms of Glacier Bay proper as well as the southern shoreline and the outer Coast of the Park, affording our guests the opportunity to visit almost all of the marine waters of this pristine wilderness.


More Charter Listings...

Glacier Bay Adventures

P.O. Box 68 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2442

Cruise Glacier Bay Alaska aboard park permitted research yacht, the Steller. Sea mammal safari, whales, sea otters and brown bears. Fishing, sea kayaking, bird watching, photography. Groups or independent travelers.

Charter Brokers of Alaska

P.O. Box 203208 - Juneau, Alaska 99802

Toll free: (888) 530-2628, Contact: Norma Fleek

Chart your own course within the Inside Passage on board one of our many yachts headquartered in Juneau. We specialize in providing yachts, powerboats, and sailboats and their captains for multi-day charters. Crewed and Captain-only charters are offered.

Sea Wolf Adventures

P.O. Box 312 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 957-1438

Active small ship adventure cruising in Alaska and British Columbia, featuring the 97' long historic yacht M/V Sea Wolf.

Public Touring/ Bay Access Vessels

We'll miss the Spirit of AdventureBaranof Wind (not linking at this time)

Managed by Glacier Bay Lodges & Tours
241 W. Ship Creek Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-264-4600 or fax: 907-258-3668
For Information & Reservations call toll free: 1-888-BAY TOUR (229-8687)

This tour is the “must-do” activity in Glacier Bay. Take the only scheduled day tour boat in Glacier Bay National Park for an experience you won’t soon forget.
See Seals!
Depart in the morning from Glacier Bay Lodge on the high-speed catamaran, Baranof Wind. As you make your way up the Bay you’ll enjoy fascinating narration about local wildlife and history.

A National Park Service naturalist will share interesting facts about the animals and their environments. The glaciers are absolutely amazing. The experience, extraordinary. Daily departures. Eight hours. Lunch and beverage provided.

It's just our opinion, but...

This boat is undoubtedly one of the best bets for backpackers and kayakers to get deep into Glacier Bay National Park -without hiring a private charter company. (see links above)

The Baranof Wind offers unforgettable days up bay for travelers and tourists of all ages, as well as ferrying kayaks and gear deep into the bay (saving hours if not days of difficult kayaking to reach the same spots).

See the official Glacier Bay National Park Link for all the details regarding backcountry passes and park regulations.

See our Alaskan Cruises & Tour Packages section for details on booking an Alaskan dream cruise up the Inside Passage and into Glacier Bay.

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Spectacular Glacier Bay Alaska!

Childs Glacier
Photographic delights include enormous ice calvings falling hundreds of feet from Alaska's most active glacier, great wildlife portraits, and spectacular scenery...

These DVDs are a perfect gift idea to remember your Alaskan vacation.

See more or buy one.

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