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Scrimshawed Antler Handle Knives

These meticulously handcrafted hunting knives combine functionality, durability and rich aesthetic character into functional field tools.

Shed elk, deer or moose antler handles are used in combination with JT 420 stain resistant steel or 1084 high carbon tool steel blades. All knives include sheaths, a limited lifetime warranty and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

The knives are made in Seattle, Washington and scrimshawed in Southeast, Alaska.

Custom orders are welcome...

A variety of scrimshaw designs are available, including black bear, brown bear, salmon, duck, eagle, deer, elk, wolf, mermaids and nudes.

Prices range from $188 to over $500, depending on knife style and amount of scrimshaw.

Timber Wolf... click to enlarge
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Brown Bear... click to enlarge
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Bald Eagle... click to enlarge
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Leather sheaths
To create a custom fit, every sheath is custom molded to each knife design, then treated with a special harness oil.

Each Silver Stag Crown Series knives are accompanied with a thick hand made leather cow hide sheath. Each sheath is hand cut, sewed and shaped to each design by an American leathersmith with over 40 years experience.

To order a knife, choose a style below and then contact the artist to talk about a custom scrimshaw design.

"Sharp Forest Point"

Blade length: 3.5"

"Mountain Edge"

Blade length: 5"

Cascade Hunter

lade Length 31/2"

Deer Skinner"

Blade length: 4 1/2" "

Pacific Bowie"

Blade length: 8 1/8" "

"Deep Valley"

Blade length: 5 7/8"

"Sharp Forest"

Blade length: 3 1/2"

"Deer Drop Point"

Blade length: 3.25"

"Deep Valley Point"

Blade length: 5.875" "

To view the most current Silver Stag knife collection, visit their website to see their full range of field gear, including hatchets, filet knives, damascus and swords.

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