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Representing over 25 years of Alaskan scrimshaw originals.


The majority of Heidi's scrimshaw portfolio is on ancient walrus, mammoth, and sperm whale ivory. (The knife handles are deer antler).

Nude with cloth... click to enlarge
Wolves... click to enlarge

Some of the pieces shown here or on this website's other pages are in private collections around the world, whereas others may be available for purchase...

Please contact Heidi for details

Eskimos... click to enlarge

2 wolves... click to enlarge

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Grizzly faces... click to enlarge

Mother and child... click to enlarge

Wolves... click to see the entire tusk

Learn how Heidi can make you
a custom piece of scrimshaw.

Customize a peice of your own...
Wolf pups... click to enlarge

Moose... click to enlarge

Nude on knife handle... click to enlarge
Mountain Goat


This one of a kind collectors piece mammoth tusk is fully scrimshawed and mounted on a hardwood base... See the mammoth tusk

It was sold in Haines in 2008 to a collector of fine arts.

Heidi is currently working on another mammoth tusk, which should be ready sometime soon...

Click here to see more information and details of the Mammoth tusk
Mammoth tusk
Mammoth tusk

These high quality antler handle knives make as great gifts as they do tools. See the Knives

A variety of handles, blade styles and scrimshaw designs are available.

To learn more about the knives, click here or on the images at right.
Brown Bear

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