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Telephone: (907) 766-2315, or send her an Email

P.O. Box 1674, Haines, Alaska 99827



Heidi works primarily on ancient walrus ivory artifacts, (such as net sinkers, ice-axes, harpoon tips and sled runners), mammoth ivory and antler. Legal sperm whale teeth are available but may take some time to order.

Heidi can also purchase raw ivory for you or you can find a variety of legal raw ivory sources on the internet if you'd like to have her scrimshaw something for you.

A minimum of 50% down payment is required. Checks or money orders only.

Prices are determined based on overall size, amount of detail of scrimshaw and weight of ivory. See individual images for prices.

Antler handle knife prices range from $188 to over $500. All the knives shown in the knife gallery are available. However, please remember these are individually made, so allow at least several weeks for delivery.

Heidi can custom scrim any Silver Stag knife for you, or work on a knife you may already own.

Heidi can work on your ivory or you can purchase old walrus and mammoth ivory from her. Heidis' preference is to create her own designs based on your general subject interest.

See the custom orders page for examples or contact her to discuss the details of your project.

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