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Visit the GVA website...

Explore this site to find everything you need to plan your trip..

For more information,
visit the Gustavus Visitors Association, P.O. Box 167, Gustavus, AK 99826.

Or call 907-697-2454.


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Delicious food and service, great atmosphere and style in a perfect location... What more could you ask for?

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Getting to & Around Gustavus, Alaska

Getting to Gustavus is always an Adventure!
Getting to Gustavus is the first part of your adventure...
(Photo courtesy of Alaska Seaplanes)

To get to Gustavus, Alaska, you have 2 basic choices of transportion: Plane or boat.

Air options include the only jet service that regularly schedules flights into town (during the summer months only) - Alaska Airlines- as well as a few year round air taxi services and of course the many Charter planes that service the area.

There are also a few options via Charter boat.

Since Gustavus is a peninsula, with Glacier Bay National Park surrounding the town from the landside, THERE ARE NO ROADS THAT WILL GET YOU HERE. That's part of the magic of this community...

There is, however, a small and simple "road system" in Gustavus- roughly 20 miles in total. It basically consists of one main road that goes from the airport to the lodge headquarters at Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay park, with several smaller roads branching off. The main road is paved, and the rest of all the connecting roads dirt and gravel.

See our Gustavus map for details!

By Jet


The only large carrier (aka: jet) that flys to Gustavus DIRECT is Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines JetplaneThey only fly their jets for a few select months during the summer, (roughly from early June to late August), so advance ticketing is suggested. You can get the best deals with a minimum of a two-week notice.

For information regarding Alaska Airlines reservations and information, call: (800) ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522), or visit their website: Alaskaair.com.

Charter Plane Services


The choices of air charters and services that provide regularly scheduled year round flights to Gustavus and the surrounding area, are listed below.

Most operators are based out of Juneau, however some companies offer flights from various other Southeast Alaskan towns such as Ketchikan, Sitka, Haines, Skagway and Hoonah.

Many of these air charter companies also provide various other flight related services in the area such as FLIGHTSEEING TOURS around Glacier Bay National Park, float charters, freight transport, and various other adventure tour charters (for example: for skiers, rafters, climbers, and hunters), as well as making beach, lake, and/or glacial landings available upon request and where possible.

Check out our website...Fjord Flying Service

P.O. Box 48 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
Phone: (907) 697-2377 in Gustavus,
or make reservations toll free: 1(877) 460-2377

E-Mail & Reservations

Comfortable, high wing Cessna 206, providing passenger service, charters and tours in Southeast Alaska. Local service, custom charters, and flightseeing tours of Glacier bay and Juneau icefield. Frequent flights to Juneau, Hoonah, Skagway, Sitka, and Haines.

^ top ^

More Charter Flight Operators for the Area...

Wings of Alaska

8421 Livingston Way, Juneau, Alaska 99801

(907) 789-0790 (Juneau)
(907) 697-2201 in Gustavus

Scheduled and charter flights connecting Southeast Alaska via wheel equipped aircraft. Convenient and frequent departures. High-winged aircraft make glacial flightseeing spectacular.

Mountain Flying Service

132 2nd Avenue (P.O. Box 1404)- Haines, Alaska 99827 (Based out of Haines with an airport terminal in the Skagway Airport.)

(907) 766-3007

Charter flights to Gustavus are a regular service. Call us for our prices! Also specializing in flights over and into Glacier Bay National Park. Glacier landings with ski planes, beach landings, full service travel planning and more. TO SEE ALASKA, GET IN THE AIR!

Fly Drake

Operating out of Haines and Skagway, Alaska

(907) 314-0675

Enjoy world class Glacier Bay Flightseeing from Haines and Skagway Alaska. Fly Drake also provides air Charter flights to and from Skagway, Juneau, Gustavus, Hoonah, Sitka, Dry Bay, and Yakutat Alaska as well as complete flying services for skiers, climbers and rafters.

Ward Air, Inc.

8991 Yandukin Dr. - Juneau, Alaska 99801

In Alaska call toll free (800) 478-9150
(907) 789-9150, Fax: (907) 789-7002

Ward Air Inc. is based in beautiful Juneau, Alaska.  We offer unmatched excellence in amphibious (floats with wheels), ski, wheel, and straight float plane air charters. We pride ourselves on flying to all parts of southeast Alaska and western Canada.  Ward Air is the only flying company in Juneau that regularly makes flights in and out of Canada.

Admiralty Air Service

P.O. Box 32851- Juneau, Alaska 99803

(907) 796-2000

Offering affordable & safe seaplane charter service throughout Southeast Alaska from our Juneau base.  Pack Creek, Hawk Inlet, Hoonah, Pelican, Tenakee Springs, Angoon, and Elfin Cove are just a few of the amazing places in Southeast Alaska that we can take you!

^ top ^

Of course all the above listed jets and charter planes need a safe place to land and good terminals to disembark onto! And providing those services is the job of the famous and historic Gustavus airport and airfield... To learn more about the charming little Gustavus airport, facilities, and history, click here.

By Boat

An interesting alternative to flying to Gustavus if you have the time (and money) is to travel by boat...Take the ferry to Gustavus!

In addition to the ferry service running to Gustavus, (see details below), these boating alternatives come in the form of "custom charters".

Although Juneau is not a normal charter route for most of the boats in Gustavus, some of them may be willing to work out a custom deal with you.

Ferry Service

After years of sporadic ferry service by various companies both private and commercial, as of summer 2011, Gustavus finally has regularly scheduled, dependable ferry service via the Alaska Marine Highway System.

The Marine Highway offers ferry service to the community of Gustavus in southeast Alaska, twice-weekly.

The services connect you to travel opportunities in Glacier Bay National Park. In addition, the Kennicott provides new cross-gulf service every other week as it travels between Bellingham, Washington., and Whittier, with stops in Ketchikan and Juneau.

Make easy connections via Juneau aboard the MV LeConte and explore some of the most spectacular scenery in Alaska.

Click to learn more & make reservations, or call toll free 1-800-642-0066.

This state ferry service had been a long time coming to Gustavus, and is finally a reality due to the fact that the new ferry dock was completed in November, 2010.
(after a long fought battle between residents who wanted it and those that didn't) .

Humpback Whales are plentiful in the area...Gustavus Visitors Association

P.O. Box 167 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
E-Mail & Reservations

Gustavus is the Alaska Marine Highway System's newest destination.

Visit the Gustavus Visitors Association for more community information, advice, and ideas for traveling around the amazing Gustavus area!

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Getting Around Gustavus

Check out and print the map!
See our Gustavus map for orientation!

Once you arrive in Gustavus, you'll need to get from the airport to wherever it is you're staying... Most of the lodges and guest houses will provide shuttle services to pick you up, provided they know when to expect you.

In the event that you arrive without having made arrangements with your lodge, then you have a few simple choices to make: Walk, hitchhike, or call a taxi. Taxi services are friendly and courteous and quite knowledgeable about the community.

After you're situated at wherever it is you're staying, getting around Gustavus is easy and fun. If you're feeling energetic, walking or bike riding FROM anyplace TO any place in Gustavus is possible. (In fact, most bikers describe the road system here as "biker heaven".) Its only a matter of a few miles to just about any business, with the exception of some lodges and Glacier Bay park, which is approximately 9 miles away, and most local businesses can provide you with an area map for your explorations.

You could also rent a car here, or call a taxi, but most guests just prefer to borrow a bike to get around town.... or put out your thumb.

Even if you are just out for a walk someone will most likely ask you if you want a ride..... Just don't forget to wave at everyone you pass. If you don't, they will know you aren't from Gustavus!

Taxis & Rental Cars

TLC Taxi

P.O. Box 103, Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2239,
Fax: (907) 697-2475

Serving Gustavus/ Glacier Bay area campers is our specialty. People, freight, groceries, mail pick up, tours and kayak/ bike transport. "You deserve a little TLC."

Bud's Rent-A-Car

P.O. Box 308, Gustavus, Alaska 99826

Telephone: (907) 697-2403,
Fax: (907) 697-2789

Enjoy the freedom of having your own transportation in Gustavus! Pick up and Delivery available.


Excursion Tours by Van

One of the best ways to get around Gustavus is to learn about it and see all the main sights as you experience it for the first time.

Here's one vendor that offers the best of Gustavus from the comfort of a luxury van. Perfect for first timers, families, or elderly, or those just wanting to get a good layout of the land before they venture out into the "Gustavus wilds" on their own...

Strawberry Point Tours

Based out of Gustavus, Alaska
Phone: (907) 209-1200
E-Mail & Reservations

Strawberry Point Tours is a customized excursion tour business, taken in a warm, dry luxury town and country van. The business is built on the premise that we will be creating a unique experience for our customers. You now have the opportunity to enjoy in comfort the beauty that Gustavus has to offer.

One tour starts at the Alaska Marine Highway dock. This 45-minute tour is informative, historical and exciting!  We may see moose, bear, and certainly many different species of birds. You will return in plenty of time to re-board the ferry.

Our charter tours provide the opportunity to go into Glacier Bay National Park, experiencing a trip through a bit of our expansive rain forest.  Special Occasion Transport includes weddings and private parties. So hop aboard!  There is so much to learn and see! 

Kayakers: We also have a self-service kayak rack on top of van.

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Spectacular Glacier Bay Alaska!

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