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Fairweather Mountains
Humpback Whales
Icebergs in Glacier Bay
Activities & adventures

Childs Glacier
Photographic delights include enormous ice calvings falling hundreds of feet from Alaska's most active glacier, great wildlife portraits, and spectacular scenery...

These DVDs are a perfect gift idea to remember your Alaskan vacation.

See more or buy one.


Glacier Bay Construction, Incorporated
Contact us today for your construction needs...
Alaska General Contractor - Bonded - Insured, SBA HUB-Zone approved.

Serving Alaska's construction needs in northern southeast Alaska. .

for more information.

Alaskan Animal Lovers:
Check This Out!

(Just a short ferry ride from Gustavus...)Check out the Kroschel Wildlife Center
Steve Kroschel's Wildlife Center just outside of Haines, Alaska is voted "Best tour in Southeast Alaska!"-
(& Gustavus.com agrees)
A "Must See" for Alaskan Animal Lovers
This place is a must see for anybody interested in experiencing close up and personal all the magnificent creatures that reside in the forests of Southeast Alaska.



Merchants & Services in Gustavus

Today a population of almost 500 year round residents call Gustavus “home.”

The town is so spread out and hidden in the trees it's hard to imagine so many people live here!

This page categorizes the local businesses, services, and merchants that service the local population of Gustavus into 4 basic categories: General, Specialty, Services, and Emergency.

Most of the businesses in the community are listed here, but not all of them. Others can be found scattered throughout the pages of Gustavus.com.

In General >>>
Restaurants, Cafes, & Bars | Giftshops | Groceries, Deli, & General Store | Liqour Store | Hardware & Lumber yard | Bait | Fuel Station

Specialty >>>
Fish Packing | Art Galleries | Cargo Transport | Newspaper | Assorted Others | Excursion Tours by Van | Health & Healing

Town Services & More Public Library | Landfill | Utility Providers | Post Office | Churches | Construction & Contracting | Taxis, Car Rentals, & Minivans | ATM

Emergency >>>
Quick Response & Fire Station | Medical Clinic

In General:

If there is a “downtown” Gustavus, it is probably the area known as "4 Corners", which is basically the first intersection you get to if you come from the airport or the dock. (see the pic above and notice the Giant BEAR sculpture). There you can find a cafe and art store/ gallery, as well as a tasty restaurant...

Nearby is a liqour store and a picturesque gas station/ gift store down the road, (one of the most photographed gas stations in the United States!)

Just down the road in either direction is the post office, a few general markets, the airport with several charter plane companies, the harbour with a few fishing and touring boats, the K-12 school, the library, a few art galleries, a resale shop, and sometimes another restaurant or two, (maybe open, maybe not)...

Restaurants, Cafes, & Bars:

Glacier Bay Country Inn RestaurantGlacier Bay Country Inn Restaurant

P.O. Box 5 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(907) 697-2288
E-Mail & Reservations

Whether you're staying at our lodge or somewhere else in Gustavus, take a break from the norm and come be our guest for the evening. Enjoy fine Alaska cuisine and great service you wouldn't expect from such a remote location. There is a choice of two entrees each night and examples include Prime Rib, fresh caught Salmon or Halibut, Roasted Duck, Dungeness Crab and
much more.

Our world-class cuisine and personalized service, featured in Food and Wine, Saveur, and Bon Appetit, are only a few of the many wonderful surprises awaiting you at the Glacier Bay Country Inn.

*Reservations must be made before 4:00pm.


Eat at the Bear Track InnBear Track Inn

P.O. Box 255 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(907) 697-3017, or Toll Free (in US) - (888) 697-2284
E-Mail & Reservations

The Bear Track Inn's dining room features a great family-style atmosphere for breakfast and dinners...

Choose between locally brewed beer or an extensive wine list to compliment the dinner menu and between three to six entrees that could include steak, salmon, halibut, pork tenderloin, chicken, buffalo, caribou and vegetarian dishes.

If this does not tempt your tastes buds, there will also be nightly specials, such as Halibut Parmesan, Excursion Halibut, Salmon in Parchment, or many other Inn specialties. Combine this with Alaskan favorites such as Dungeness Crab, Alaskan Spotted Prawns, seafood soups and salads, homemade breads, freshly made dressings, and finish with dazzling desserts. It's a dinner to remember.


And the others...

Clove Hitch Cafe

1250 Gustavus Rd @ "4 Corners" - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2800

Restaurant and Cafe open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... "Traditional" American food with waiter service. Great for kids, families, or make it a date night! Take out ok.

Glacier Bay Lodge

Located at the end of the park road.

1-800 451-5952

"Best pizza in Southeast Alaska" - Gourmet pizza, dine in, take out.

Fireweed Gallery & Coffee & Tea House

"4 Corners" - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-3013

Fine local art, gourmet beverages, Alaskan gifts and yummy treats... (see our link below for more info)

Annie Mae Lodge

P.O. Box 55, (#2 Grandpa's Farm Rd.) - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2346
1-800 478-2346

The Annie Mae restaurant features gourmet dinners of home baked breads, freshly prepared seafood or traditional fares, and specialty desserts (see our featured link for more information)

Gift Shops:

Peps Packing

P.O. Box 23 - (1/4 mile down Dolly Varden Road) - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2295
Cell: (907)723-3395
Fax: (907) 697-2295

Bring your fish to Pep's Packing for quality custom vacuum packing & smoking. We also freeze, box & custom ship. Also, don't miss our hand-crafted Alaskan specialty gifts in the GIFT SHOP.


Glacier Bay Lodge

Located at the end of the park road.

1-800 451-5952

Glacier Bays only licensed concensionaire. Restaurant, beer and wine lounge, GIFT SHOP, lodging, and Glacier Bay museum and fact exhibit upstairs.

Gustavus Dray

"4 Corners" - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2481

Gasoline, diesel, hardware, GIFT SHOP. Gustavus's only fuel station is a pre-WW II replica Mobil gas station with working 1937 Wayne 60 gas pumps, and is also home to Alaska's only PETROLEUM MUSEUM!

Groceries, Deli, & General Store:

Toshco (Icy Strait Wholesale)

Chinook Road - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2220

Basically, it's like a mini Costco in Gustavus! Retail as well as wholesale and large orders arranged no problem. Visa, Master card, and American Express accepted.

Sunnyside Market & Deli

P.O. Box 400, Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-3060

"A natural food store and deli", featuring year round natural and organic produce and delicious cold and hot drinks including espresso and smoothies. Visa, Master cards accepted.

Liquor Store:

Snug Harbor Liqour

#1 Wilson Road - (at 4 Corners, just behind the Clovehitch Cafe) - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 723-SNUG (7684)

A nice selection of domestic and imported beers, wines, and liquor.

Hours of Operation: Summer- (June-September 15th) - Monday- Saturday, 4-7pm, Winter - Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays, 4-6pm

Hardware & Lumber Yard:

Toshco (Icy Strait Wholesale)

Chinook Road - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2200

Complete HARDWARE STORE, assorted AUTO PARTS, TACKLE and FISHING SUPPLIES, and a LUMBER YARD. Visa, Master card, and American Express accepted..


Pep's Packing

P.O. Box 23, (Just a 1/4 mile down Dolly Varden Road), Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2295

The only place in Gustavus to get fresh bait for halibut and salmon fishing, Pep's offers FRESH HERRING sold by the flat. Open every day.


Fuel Station:

Gustavus Dray

"4 Corners" - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2481

Gustavus Dray
Gasoline, diesel, hardware, giftshop, etc.

Gustavus's only FUEL STATION is a pre-WW II replica Mobil gas station with working 1937 Wayne 60 gas pumps, and is also home to Alaska's only PETROLEUM MUSEUM!


"Specialty" businesses in Gustavus Alaska are those that don't readily fit into the other categories on this page because of their unique nature or special services.

Fish Packing:

Visit Peps webpage for all the details!Pep's Packing

P.O. Box 23 - (1/4 Mile down Dolly Varden Road) -
Gustavus, Alaska 99826
Phone: (907) 697-2295, cell: (907)723-3395,
Fax: (907) 697-2295

Bring your fish to Pep's Packing for quality custom vacuum packing & smoking. We also freeze, box & custom ship. We work with you, your fishing outfitter, and your air service out of Gustavus to make sure you get your Alaskan catch back to your home freezer fresh as can be!

Also, don't miss our hand-crafted Alaskan specialty gifts.


Excursion Tours by Van:

Strawberry Point Tours

Based out of Gustavus, Alaska
Phone: (907) 209-1200
E-Mail & Reservations

Strawberry Point Tours is a customized excursion tour business, taken in a warm, dry luxury town and country van. The business is built on the premise that we will be creating a unique experience for our customers. You now have the opportunity to enjoy in comfort the beauty that Gustavus has to offer.

One tour starts at the Alaska Marine Highway dock. This 45-minute tour is informative, historical and exciting!  We may see moose, bear, and certainly many different species of birds. You will return in plenty of time to re-board the ferry.

Our charter tours provide the opportunity to go into Glacier Bay National Park, experiencing a trip through a bit of our expansive rain forest.  Special Occasion Transport includes weddings and private parties. So hop aboard!  There is so much to learn and see! 

Kayakers: We also have a self-service kayak rack on top of van.

Health & Healing:

Robin's Song Acupressure & Herbal Therapy

Check out Robin's song's website here!P.O. Box 151 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
Phone: (907) 460-4589

Tired and sore after exploring Glacier Bay? Jen Landry uses Oriental Medicine modalities which integrate Acupressure, Shiatsu (finger pressure), Thai yoga therapy, and Ashiatsu (foot pressure) for a soothing, total body health treatment that will relieve tension, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and balance the body energetically. Client and practitioner dress in loose, comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement and flexibility during the session.

Conveniently located near the town center, call 460-4589 to schedule your appointment!

** Saturday Special Treats: Delicious Gustavus Grown Produce for sale at Robin's Song. Saturdays from 11am -2pm, (June- September).


Art Galleries:

See our website for more details...Fireweed Gallery, Coffee & Tea House

P.O. Box 234, Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(907) 697-3013

The Fireweed Gallery is Gustavus' original art gallery, open for over 20 years! We feature local art and gifts, offer custom framing, original paintings as well as limited edition prints, cards, one of a kind jewelry, ceramics, masks, hand knit hats, locally made jackets: a selection from the affordable to the exquisite!

The Fireweed Coffee and Tea House offers an indoor adventure on rainy days, a warm, open lawn when the sun is high, and a centrally located meeting place any day!

We boast the best espresso in Southeast Alaska (try our white chocolate mocha!), gourmet loose leaf teas, quality, delicious, organic breakfast, lunch, and pastry options (including a gluten free selection!), and an evening gathering place for movies on our big screen, after-hours socializing, and even the occasional dance party!

Money order, MasterCard & VISA accepted.


Camalou Gallery

P.O. Box 213 - (211 Sockeye) - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2137

Fine art masks and sculptures, stonework, pen & inks, gold and silver jewelry, featuring Lou Cacioppos art. All works are one of a kind originals. Material used: Wood, Fur, Fish Bone, Feathers, etc.

The Flamingo Gallery

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2283

Featuring the watercolor paintings of Carol Baker.

See our Art & Shopping page for more details.

Cargo Transport:

"The Taz" - Cross Sound Express

Based out of Gustavus, Alaska

Office & Fax: (907) 766-3000
Cell: (907) 321-2302
Toll Free number: 888-698-2726

Serving the communities of Juneau, Hoonah, Elfin Cove, Skagway, Haines, and Pelican. The Taz is a 47 foot aluminum, high speed passenger/ cargo vessel conducting custom services such as whale watching and wildlife veiwing tours, passenger transport for up to 22 people, kayak pickups and dropoffs, and professional cargo transport services. Charters to Point Adolphus, Glacier Bay, Tracy Arm, White Sulfur Hot Springs and other locations.



The Fairweather Reporter

P.O. Box 176 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2806
Editor & Publisher- Carolyn Edelman

Glacier Bay's local newspaper covering state as well as local news. Ads include information on accommodations, property, eateries, and other points of interest.

^ top ^

Assorted Others...

Glacier Bay Organic Farms

P.O. Box 262 - (5 Mile Rink Creek Road) - (by the red house), Gustavus, Alaska 998266

(907) 697-2121
Owner: Joe Lassiter

Fresh eggs and organic produce.

Gustavus Gardens

1/2 mile Glen's Ditch Road) -
Gustavus, Alaska 99826

Store: (907) 697-2480
Contact: Mossy Mead

Bedding plants, herbs and perennials, garden supplies. Solexx Greenhouses and panels and more. Fresh tomatoes in season! Call for store hours.

Willow Rose Soap & Salve Company

P.O. Box 277 - Gustavus, AK 99826

(907) 697-2771

A small cottage industry dealing in soaps, lotions and salves created from local natural and wild ingredients and no added synthetics.

^ top ^

Town Services & More:

The "City of Gustavus" (yes, it's really classified officially as a city) has all the basic services that any other city or town in the United States has, albeit on a much smaller scale than most. Here's the list.

Public Library:

Gustavus Public Library

P.O. Box 279 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2350
Fax: (907) 697-2249

Email Contact

Visit the website: GUSTAVUS HAS A GREAT PUBLIC LIBRARY - "Volunteers Are Our Foundation",

Meeting room space available, phone & internet access, video projector. (For info, select: MeetRmPolicy10_2000.pdf at website, click on Library Policies.)


Gustavus Landfill

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

coming soon...

Visit the website: GUSTAVUS LANDFILL
Environmentally correct and recycling aware town "dump".

^ top ^

Utility Providers:

Gustavus Electric

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2299
Owner- Dick Levitt

Electrical hookups and services for the community of Gustavus.

Post Office:

Gustavus Post Office

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

coming soon...

Information coming soon...

^ top ^


[previously located at the] Great Alaska Husky Ranch

P.O. Box 222 - (corner of Gustavus Main Road and the Good River Road) -
Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2430

As of late 2014, the only ATM machine in town WAS located at the Great Alaska Husky Ranch... but they packed their bags, grabbed their dogs, and left town in February, 2015... New ATM location coming soon..

Churches & Places of Worship:

Catholic Church

Venetia St - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2455

Holy Family Church on Veneta St., meets at 11:00 a.m. Sundays.

Regular services held by Jim Healey, the visiting Priest is Fr. Thomas Weiss.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2718

For weekly services times contact Tim Gibson.

Gustavus Community Chapel

P.O. Box 320 - (43 Dock Road) - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2263

Sunday worship - 11:00 a.m, Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00 p.m. Home  fellowship groups. All are welcome!

Orthodox Christian Church

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2272

Meets on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings at St. Jacob's Chapel on Wilson Rd.

^ top ^

Construction & Contracting:

Glacier Bay ConstructionGlacier Bay Construction, Inc.

P.O. Box 389 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(907)-209-0514 phone,  (907)-723-9219 Cellular

Alaska General Contractor - Bonded - Insured, SBA HUB-Zone approved. Serving Alaska's construction needs in northern southeast Alaska.

30+ Years Experience In Rural Areas | Modern Equipment | Government Contracts | ADEC Certified Septic System Installer

Road Resurfacing and Grading | DEC Approved Septic Systems | Water and Sewer Pipelines | Excavation and Clearing | Building Site Preparation | Fill Material | Topsoil | Hydro Seeding


Timberline Log HomesTimberline Log Homes

Located in Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(Owned by the Glacier Bay Eagles Nest Lodge)
Phone: (801) 376-6513
E-Mail & Reservations

Timberline Log Homes provides everything from a single log to an entire custom built structure of any size. We also provide the highest quality materials and service in the industry.

Since 1991, Timberline Log Homes has provided hundreds of log and siding packages from Alaska to Vermont. If it can be imagined, we can create it. From an idea to completion, this is the place..


Salmon River Electric

P.O. Box 119 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2808
Cell: (907) 209-2606
Contractor: John Nixon

Commercial, residential. Licensed, bonded, and insured, with over 20 years wiring experience in Gustavus.

High quality electrical supplies available at our retail outlet. Lighting fixtures available at discount prices. You can use our high speed internet connection to make your lighting selection.

Berry's Specialty Contracting

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2760
Fax: (907) 697-2809

"Done Right and Water Tight" - Licensed and Bonded

Plumbing and heating, sales and service, professional service, warranted work, large inventory. Copper, black iron, galvanized, ABS, cast iron, PVC, quality full port valves, HVAC controls and parts, ducting, chimney, septic, propane tanks and accessories.Dealer for Toyo Oil heater, Rinnai & Orbis gas heaters, Bosch & Aquastar gas water heaters.

Smerfs Construction

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2762
Contractor: Jim Wilcox

Licensed and Insured. Full service of concrete work foundations, concrete septic systems, sand and gravel, lot clearing.

Fairweather Construction & Rental

P.O. Box 252 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) 697-2850
Fax: (907) 697-2851
Shop: (907) 697-2852
Contractor: Elm Robichaud

"We Can Move Mountains!"
Cranes, cement mixers, dumptrucks, earth moving machines, etc.

^ top ^


Gustavus takes care of its own... Here are the town medical and emergency service listings.

Quick Response & Fire Station:

Fire Station &
Emergency Response

Gustavus, Alaska 99826

(907) coming soon...

Gustavus Fire Station and Emergency Response


Ambulance, fire, and emergency rescue...

Medical Clinic:

Gustavus Community Clinic

P.O. Box 399 - (42 Dolly Varden Lane) - Gustavus, AK 99826

(907) 697-3008
Fax: (907) 697-3034

For Emergencies: Call 911

Professional medical services and advice via nurse practioner Cheryl Dukas.

The clinic provides laboratory services, emergency medicine, primary care, and urgent care.
If more specialized or hospital care is needed, transport to Juneau is arranged.

Please call the clinic for details.

^ top ^

Spectacular Glacier Bay Alaska!

All the locals are here...
Comprehensive residential and business telephone directory for Gustavus and surrounding area.


A quality list of some of the best sites for the state of Alaska.

Relating specifically to the community of Gustavus

Lots of categories, lots of sites, all reciprocal...


Have something you want to sell? Want to post an add? Check out the Gustavus.com


A quick guide to who's linking on Gustavus.com and where.