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Do you DREAM about taking an ALASKAN CRUISE?

Well, it's time to make your dreams a reality!

Choose from among many small, mid-size, or large ship Alaskan cruises...

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Come see the Whales with us!
See and hear the amazing humpback whales of Icy Straits onboard the MV/ Taz!
(Cross Sound Express)

An unforgettable experience...

for details & reservations.

Orcas (generically known as "Killer Whales"), frequent Icy Straits and surrounding Glacier Bay waters.
Click to learn more about Orcas!


Come Whalewatching with us!
Fairweather Adventures at Glacier Bay offers private small boat whale watching charters both in and around Glacier Bay National Park.

Enjoy the sights, sounds, and even the smells of the Humpback whales that frequent Icy Straits & Glacier Bay.

Watch for Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Sea Otters, Porpoises, and even Killer Whales (Orca). It is Awesome!!!


Listen to the Humpback Whales sing!
This incredible CD- called VOICES OF THE HUMPBACK WHALES, ALASKA was recorded in the waters of Icy Straits Alaska.

Brought to you by Brad and Tamara Rice, its a one of a kind listening experience.

Listen to a sample clip here!
Makes a very unique Alaskan gift idea...




Whale Watching in Glacier Bay & Icy Straits

Whale watching in Glacier Bay Alaska
Humpback whales are a treasure of this unique area...

Many people who travel to Glacier Bay and Gustavus come to see the whales!

To view one of earth's most magnificent creatures is an absolutely exhilarating experience!

In addition to the ever popular Humpbacks, other species of whales including Greys, Minkes, and Orcas and many other fascinating marine animals are commonly seen in these southeast Alaskan waters of Glacier Bay and surrounding Icy Straits.

Only a few dozen Humpback whales stay around all year, but between June and September many more come here to feed.

The whales are here primarily to revel in the nutrient rich waters before migrating back to Hawaii and other far away places for the winter. Blows, backs and flukes are very common, but often so are breaches and lunge feeding, and for the very lucky to witness, bubblenetting!

Bubblenetting is when a group of whales work together, circling a school of small fish using air bubbles. Then, at the same time, coordinated through vocalization, the whales rise through the middle of the trapped fish with their mouths wide open capturing their prey.

This is truly an amazing sight in nature and Southeast Alaska is the place to see it!

Charters, Tours, & Outfitters:

Here, Gustavus.com lists several whale watching charter boats and kayaking outfitters from Gustavus who can take you to see the whales and marine life of the area. Most go out for several hours or overnight to give you plenty of opportunity to see lots of fascinating whale behavior and use lots of film...

The "Taz"- (Cross Sound Express)

Let us show you the whales!Box 1247, Haines, Alaska 99827
Fax- (907) 766- 2728, Cell- (907) 321-2302
or call our toll free office number: 888-698-2726
E-mail & Reservations

Whale watching at it's best aboard the US Coast Guard certified 47 foot M/V TAZ! Morning and afternoon excursions into North America's most famous humpback whale feeding grounds. Icy Straits and the Point Adolphus areas are world known for the gathering of numerous gentle giants. Their unique feeding techniques, acrobatics and vocalizations make every tour unforgettable.

We offer 2 daily 3.5 hour tours from Gustavus. Custom tours and charters are also available for larger groups of up to 23 passengers. Locally owned and operated.


Alaska Mountain Guides (& Climbing School) Customize an Alaska Kayaking Experience

P.O. Box 1081, Haines AK 99827
Toll Free: 800-766-3396
Gustavus: 907-697-2411 (May-Sept)
Haines, Alaska: 907-766-3366
E-Mail & Reservations

Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School Inc. (AMG) was listed as one of the "Best Outfitters on Earth" in 2007 by National Geographic Adventure Magazine, and offers the highest quality guided sea kayaking trips in Glacier Bay National Park and with the whales at Point Adolphus.

AMG is the exclusive company offering 5 day or longer trips in Glacier Bay. They also run multi week trips for their university accredited program, the International Wilderness Leadership School (www.iwls.com)

Their most popular one day trip continues to be Kayaking with whales at Point Adolphus. Point Adolphus is the most prolific whale feeding area in Alaska with large numbers of humpback and orca whales. Trips are offered daily from Gustavus and Juneau and are perfect for families and beginners. No experience is required.

Please visit our website for all the details!

Come and see some whales with us!

Wild Alaska Charters

P.O. Box 335 - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(907) 697-2704 or 1 (855) 977 2704
E-Mail & Reservations

Small group tours for the best photography experience at Pt.Adolphus. These are fascinating moments with the Humpback whales for any traveler!

We never take more than six passengers on one trip! (Now thats what leaving the crowds behind means!) Our vessel is 32 ft. diesel powered for speed, with a life raft for your safety and hydrophone for your enjoyment. We whale watch with the engine off because we strive to deliver the most responsible and memorable encounters with these magnificent creatures.

Your captain is a naturalist as well as a photographer with 21 years of local whale watching experience.

Get excited about the creative photographic process while surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery to get your artistic juices flowing!

Enjoy Group Savings for our Whale Watching Tours: * For groups of 4, we will give you a 15% discount


Annie Mae Activities

P.O. Box 55  - (#2 Grandpa's Farm Road) - Gustavus, Alaska 99826
(907) 697-2346 Toll Free (800) 478-2346 Fax: (907) 697-2211
E-Mail & Reservations

Let the experience of the ANNIE MAE LODGING folks help you plan out your greatest touring ideas. Book a charter boat and cruise wonderful Glacier Bay or try your hand at fishing the waters of Icy Strait.

The Annie Mae Lodge is a beautiful full service lodge serving gourmet food and touring adventures. Boat and plane tours, fishing, whale-watching, kayaking, and more!

Spirit Walker Expeditions

See our site for all the detailsP.O. Box 240 - Gustavus Alaska 99826
(907) 697-2266, Fax: (907) 697-2701
E-mail & Reservations

Spirit Walker Expeditions is a guide-owned and operated business with nearly 30 years of experience leading sea kayaking trips to the humpback whale feeding grounds of Point Adolphus and Icy Strait.

These 1-7 day trips are our most popular and we have been leading them longer than any other kayaking company in Southeast Alaska. Having pioneered this guided adventure, we take great pride in making sure we remain the leaders in offering the safest and most sustainable paddling trips to this unique habitat.

With the most experienced guides, the highest quality equipment and meals, plus an unrivaled knowledge of the area, we invite you to join us for the adventure! We also offer flexible trip dates and group rates.


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