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Photography & Birdwatching in Gustavus & Glacier Bay Alaska

Take pictures all day long!
Bring your camera along for pictures of a lifetime...


Gustavus and Glacier Bay Alaska afford the amateur or professional photographer one of the most incredible photographic opportunities on the planet.

The majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains, abundant wildlife, and vast wilderness are a never ending source of photography choices.

Anybody who enjoys photography will undoubtebly find many things to photograph while exploring Gustavus and Glacier Bay.

Owls are a top predator of the area...
An alert birdwatcher can see many species of birds in Gustavus and the surrounding Glacier Bay area.

Bird Watching... (aka "birding")

Gustavus and Glacier Bay are great places to go birding because our habitat is so diverse- woodlands, wetlands, intertidal areas, and marine habitats.

We have resident birds that stick around, many that come here to nest and fledge their young, and ones that migrate through on their way to nesting sites further north. If you want to go birding, most of the B&Bs and Inns in Gustavus have binoculars and bird books for their guests to borrow.

The Gustavus foreland is the glacial moraine that was left when the ice sheet that covered the mouth of what is now the national park melted. Unlike the Tongass National Forest covering the rest of southeast Alaska, we have wetlands and an emerging woodland.

We’re on the western flyway, and in spring and fall, geese, cranes and swan spend days in the area west of the Good River that is protected as the ‘Crane Refuge’. They generally go north in May and south in September. A few of the migrants stay and nest here during the summer. Thrush, robin, hummingbirds and others also come to nest in the summer months.

The fabulous puffins are always amazing to see!On our southern border, the waters of Icy Strait is a rich area for a variety of sea birds, including a healthy population of marbled murrelets, a rare bird elsewhere. They are funny little diving birds. Instead of getting together in large colonies, a single pair will make a nest high in a spruce or hemlock tree and lay a single egg.

Arctic terns...

After the chick hatches, it stays in the nest being fed until it is strong enough to make it on its own. When it is time for the chick to fledge, the parents will take off one morning, and not come back. When the chick finally gets hungry enough, it launches off the branch and flies off to find its own food.

No-one knows how the pair know how to locate the nest high enough to give the chick ample room for the inaugural flight, but they must succeed cause marbled murrelets have been around a while.

Glacier Bay also offers an abundance of birdlife; something like 240 species have been identified. On the day boat, you will see colonies of nesting gulls, guillemots, puffins, and cormorants on the rocky islands.

You’ll also see large flocks of phalaropes, molting sea ducks, and foraging gulls; and we see loons, gulls, murrelets, and sea ducks in the winter.

We’re worried about the Kittlitz's murrelets. Their numbers have declined so drastically in the last 10 years that they may soon be listed as a threatened or endangered. They nest in recently deglaciated mountain areas, so Glacier Bay with the receding ice, offers large areas for them. They are cute to watch because they hop a few times, then skip on the water before they take off.

For more information about them and other species, visit the US Park Service and the Geological Service websites. They have lists of birds, habitat information, suggested locations, and much more.

(Pictures and birdwatching text are compliments of the guests of Good River Bed & Breakfast. Thanks, Sandy!)

Good River Bed & Breakfast
Box 37,
Gustavus, AK 99826

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