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Climbing & Mountaineering in Gustavus & Glacier Bay Alaska

Climb a mountain if you're up to it...
Mountaineering trips in the area should be well planned...

Glacier Bay Alaska is one of the world's most incredible natural wonders.

In the summer months, many thousands of visitors filter through Gustavus to

Because this is a marine based wilderness area, few "tourists" experience the park by foot, with the exception of taking short walks from the lodge in Bartlett Cove, or along the more accessable beaches in town.

For the more daring, committed, or adventurous, there are many more options of foot travel in the Glacier Bay and Gustavus area. This page lists some ideas.


unrouted walls...Technical rockclimbing around the Glacier Bay and Gustavus area is good, but limited.

The land in the Gustavus forelands area is devoid of cliffs, however, if one can access the coastal areas via boat or hike, they can find some pretty fantastic walls to scale.

Due to the remote nature of the area, none of these walls are bolted and most have never really been officially "routed" or documented. Hardcore rock and ice climbing enthusiasts in search of undiscovered walls and precipices will not be disappointed! 

For more information on climbing in the area, contact local climbing instructor Van Swanson at (907) 697-2474. His knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, and continous "quest for the perfect wall" makes him an excellent choice for guide services or information.


Mountaineering photo: Tom BeanFor the most part, mountaineering within the Gustavus area and Glacier Bay Park is a fairly serious matter and should be left for experienced mountaineers and climbers.

Casual dayhiking up 6,000 foot steep and untracked walls is not for the untrained or unfit. None of these mountains have trails and all are heavily brush laden. Strennous bushwacking is the norm.

Any glaciated mountains above 6,000 feet (like the Fairweathers, for example) should only be attempted with an experienced guide and you should definately have had some experiences with climbing lessor Alaskan mountains before attempting or planning.

Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School, Inc.

P.O. Box 1081
Haines AK 99827

Toll Free: 800-766-3396
Gustavus: 907-697-2411 (May-Sept)
Haines, Alaska: 907-766-3366

Leading remote wilderness expeditions and treks is our specialty and we employ the best guides and instructors in the business. They are exceptional at helping individuals to learn the best ways to approach a first glacier trek or to excel on more advanced expeditions.

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Spectacular Glacier Bay Alaska!