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Fairweather Mountains
Humpback Whales
Icebergs in Glacier Bay
Activities & adventures

Orcas (generically known as "Killer Whales"), frequent Icy Straits and surrounding Glacier Bay waters.
Click to learn more about Orcas!


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Come see the Whales with us!
See and hear the amazing humpback whales of Icy Straits onboard the MV/ Taz!
(Cross Sound Express)

An unforgettable experience...

for reservations.

Cruiselines & Cruise Packages for Glacier Bay & Southeast Alaska

Alaskan Dream Cruises
Take an Alaskan dream cruise into Glacier Bay...

Alaska, and particularly its Southeast region, is a dreamland for cruise lovers! A good argument could be made that there is no more majestic scenery ANYWHERE in the world.

Just as the state of Alaska does with those visiting her for the first time, the unforgettable Alaskan cruises listed on this page have the ability to change your way of thinking for the rest of your life.

You'll cruise around in luxury as you see the Southeast passage, the famous "inside passage" of Alaska, and marvel at the surrounding beauty and clean air from the comfort of these luxury cruiseliners.Take an Alaskan Cruise!

When you peruse the cruises hyperlinks below, you will see various cruiselines visiting Glacier Bay and or Southeast Alaska offering an ever changing assortment of Alaskan tour packages and options to choose from...

Many of these fantastic vessels are like floating hotels (some ships can now take 2000 guests or more), offering lots and lots of ship board activities.

Gustavus.com recommends our favorite Alaskan cruise specialist:

Tyee Travel- Alaska Cruises & Vacations

P.O. Box 738 - Wrangell, Alaska 99929
Phone: (800) 977-9705, or (907) 874-3382
E-Mail & Bookings

Contact us for custom Alaskan cruise information. Choose from among many different small, mid-size, or large ship Alaskan cruises...

Gustavus.com Alaskan cruise notes:

1) Specific ships and/or cruise dates will vary, so pay close attention to detail and take notes.

2) Realize that most of the largest Alaskan cruise ships spend only a few hours in Glacier Bay, but for many it is the best or only way they can see the sights. These boats can venture deep up into the bay, but are not capable of actually letting passengers off within the park itself due to their large water displacement.

3) Very few of these ships include a stop in Gustavus! (due to the size of the dock)

Check out the Cruise Options!
Check out the Cruise Options!
Check out the Cruise Options!
Check out the Cruise Options!
Check out the Cruise Options!

More Large Vessels and Cruisers Visiting the Glacier Bay Area

Here's a list of some more cruiselines and/or large vessels venturing into these Alaskan waters.

Glacier Bay Cruiselines

2101 4th Avenue, Suite 2200 Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: 800 451-5952 or (206) 623-7110

Offering small ship adventure cruising in spectacular Glacier Bay National Park.

World Explorer Cruises

Contact info coming soon.

For Reservations call:
800 854-3835, or
(415) 393-1565

"THE UNCOMMON ROUTE": Offering 9 and 14 day cruises in Alaskan waters with over 50 shore excursion trips at 14 locations including stops in Juneau and Glacier Bay. Activities range from white water rafting to shopping. We cater to Seniors. Note: This boat does NOT stop in Gustavus!

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Spectacular Glacier Bay Alaska!

Childs Glacier
Photographic delights include enormous ice calvings falling hundreds of feet from Alaska's most active glacier, great wildlife portraits, and spectacular scenery...

These DVDs are a perfect gift idea to remember your Alaskan vacation.

See more or buy one.