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Gustavus.com Advertising Rates & Terms, Stats, & Extras

Ad Packages:

The Gustavus.com webdesign offers a few simple options for those wishing to advertise on its pages. We call them Hyperlink Ad Packages and they are what their name implies: Advertising for your business by way of direct hyperlinks to your website.

These direct linking customers are what Gustavus.com considers its Linking Members - not to be confused with the many complimentary LISTINGS we are happy to give anybody doing business in the Gustavus community as a matter of a general tourism and travel reference for the area.

HYPERLINK AD PACKAGES are broken down into 2 generic terms and options:

1) Center column "basic links":

These are the links seen in the center columns of the pages throughout the Gustavus.com site - on the appropriate content section that relates to the business or service described.

The Definition of a "basic link" is:
One description of your business (advertisement) with a DIRECT HYPERLINK to client url, along with direct linking email, custom text, and an accompanying photo. (size of picture and amount of text limited to the examples found throughout the site.)

Prices & Details:
- $100.00/ year for the first link, then $50.00/ year for each additional link thereafter.

- Rates are based on a per/ annum basis (yearly) and billed as a flatrate. (no commissions).

- Although open to suggestions, Gustavus.com will choose the page locations for these links.

2) Left & right column "banner ads":

These are the advertisements you see in the left and right columns throughout the site. They can be unrelated to the content of the page they are found on.

The Definition of a "banner ad" is:
One advertisement of your business with a direct hyperlink to customer supplied url, along with direct linking email, custom text (customer supplied), and an accompanying photo. (size of picture and amount of text limited to the examples found throughout the site.)

Prices & Details:
- $50.00/ year/ each, (except homepage ads) with no minimum requirements. For every 3 links you purchase, Gustavus.com gives you an extra one for free!

- Rates are based on a per/ annum basis (yearly) and billed as a flatrate. (no commissions).

- Client to choose the page locations of these links. (If not specified, Gustavus.com will choose the pages for you.)

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum number of links required to be a "linking member" is one (1). Note that businesses advertising in columns that DO NOT have a center column ad (ie: category related business) will not be linked from the MEMBERS QUICK REFERENCE section.

  • Urls, pictures, custom text, and emails to be customer supplied.

  • Client is responsible for double checking accuracy of links, telephone numbers, content, emails, etc!  (If you see a mistake or adjustment needed for your link, don't be shy - please Email us the corrections here.)

  • Once client confirms link accuracy, Gustavus.com will issue an invoice as an MS word document- as an attachment in an Email. Please read, print and save for your records, and pay within 30 days.

  • All banner advertisements (including homepage ads) are available on a first come first served basis and subject to space availability.

  • Payment details are on invoice, or you are welcome to pay via our Basecamp International Paypal Gateway here.

  • Rates, terms and conditions on this page are subject to change without notice, but all existing client contracts will always be honored.

    Remember: All payments made to Gustavus.com are deductable from your yearly taxes as advertising expenses!


Web Design & Hosting:

If you have a business but no internet presence (commonly known as a website or webpage) yet, we can help you build one and host it on Gustavus.com for a very competitive rate. We make setting it up easy on first timers with a "no brainer" startup/ administration package. (you won't have to deal with any "hosting companies" or "servers" etc.) All you need to get started is an email address.

Costs & details for website creation services:
- $150.00 for initial page setup and an extra $ 100.00 per page thereafter. (one time only charges). All pages start out as simple "static xhtml" pages, with more advanced and complex web design elements to be discussed. (yes, everything is possible... for a price...)

- After a complimentary (FREE) first year, hosting fees of $5.00/ month will be charged for this service.

Site Statistics:

Public access to the comprehensive stats program for Gustavus.com is here. Keep in mind, interpreting them is another matter entirely... (Ian highly recommends consulting a seasoned web technition or related professional for guidance in interpreting stats and/ or basing business decisions on statistics alone.)


Gustavus.com can now offer subdomains to its clientelle. Subdomains are a seperately accessable portion of the root domain gustavus.com- perfect for those clients wishing to benefit from the easy to remember domain gustavus.com but desire independant working access to their own web url.

- Server costs for subdomains are $5.00/ month.

- Working examples of a local business subdomain: