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About Gustavus.com

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Ian on Glacier Bay outer coast, 2006...
"Damn, why can't I find that little thingee I had in here?"

What & Who is Gustavus.com?

Gustavus.com is a keyword.com "geo domain", originally purchased in 1998, during the tail end of the lucrative (and long since saught after) "domain gold rush" days of the late 90's, by Alaskan traveler and web entrepreneur Ian Robichaud.

What made Ian think of the word "Gustavus" back when he was reserving domains in '98? Simple: he loves the place, that's why!

Ian first experienced the wonderful jewel that is Gustavus back around 1990, when visiting his sister, Heidi Robichaud, after her move there from Hope Alaska. Heidi had already been living in Alaska since 1978, with her little brother Ian visiting and/ or living with her in various places all over the state before discovering Gustavus.

Sister Heidi and her angelic little daughter Chelsea (the Chelsemeister), originally explored the place with her amazing husband Charlie Rice (the Chuckster) - whom she lived for 13 years and eventually had her second child with there- a "local phenom" known as Elm (the Elmster).

Heidi was best known best for her smile, attitude and glasses, amazing artistic and musical talents, weird sense of humour, social politics, and various activities work with the local kids, before finally moving to Haines Alaska, where she currently resides.

Beyond these people he considers family in Gustavus, Ian knows many other good people there on a personal level and is happy to say that he can call most of his clients his friends...

After 16 years of summertime vacations and exploring the Gustavus and Glacier bay area, with his sister and mom owning land along the Salmon River, (he's been chased by a moose there too!), Ian feels he has earned the right to say Gustavus is in his heart as well as on his mind, and he hopes that the site's visitors can see that mindset reflected on the pages of Gustavus.com.

Network Connected:

But wait, there's more....

Gustavus.com is part of an internationally diverse geo domain portfolio over 90 powerful keyword.com's strong, collectively known as Basecamp International.
Additional "defensive" domains relevent to Gustavus.com include Gustavus.net, Gustavus.org, Gustavusalaska.com, and Gustavus-alaska.com as well as Glacierbay-alaska.com and Glacierbay.org.

The Basecamp International domain network falls under the umbrella of a much larger business network known as Net105 Internet Ventures, consisting of over 350 domains covering a diverse array of internet websites and ventures.

Glacierbay.org, the partner to Gustavus.com is also part of a growing Park Information and Resource Network known as "Explore a Park".


What can Gustavus.com do for you?

If you live in Gustavus, or own property or operate a business out of Gustavus or related to Glacier Bay National Park, Gustavus.com is the place to be found...  It's on a new and better server than years past, and as such, offers more reliability and features to surfers and clients alike.

For information on advertising on or getting listed with Gustavus.com, see our Ad Rates, Terms, Stats, & Extras section.


The owner and webmaster of Gustavus.com - Ian Robichaud - currently lives in sunny Santa Monica, California and can be reached by phone at (310) 392-4742, (Pacific Time), or by E-Mail here.